Toto Washlet C100 Elongated SW824 Toilet Seat - #11 Colonial White from Toto Reviews

Save the earth, save your bum, save some dough - I love this even more than my TiVo or iPhone

UmitoYama from New York, NY - 5 out of 5.

When I first encountered one of these things in Japan, I (like most Americans) was reluctant to use it. However, after a few months, I finally did, and I began to wonder why we didn't have this in all American homes.

It's environmentally friendly (think of all the trees you save and paper-making pollution you prevent), eminently more hygienic (the filtered water-spray ensures nothing gets left behind), easier on the "delicate parts" than toilet paper (particularly if you have a fissure/hemorrhoids or other chronic condition), and fantastic for people caring for an older parent or person with disabilities who would otherwise have difficulty taking care of this on their own.

TMI, but I ended up springing for this because doctor prescribed solutions weren't helping me to recover from a "condition". After months of suffering and pain, I got this and was better within days. It's been almost a month since we got it and my wife still has to endure me raving about how this has radically improved my quality of life.

Everyone in my family who's tried it has become a convert. One set of grandparents got it and we're thinking of getting one for my other grandmother. Shoots, even Will Smith thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. (Google video search "Will Smith japanese toilet" to see him wax eloquent on the topic.)

Most of the civilized world and even much of the developing world outside of the UK and US uses some form of bidet. Maybe it's time folks in the US got with the program.

All this said, I decided to pass on the air-dry feature. Warm-air blasted out of a toilet bowl doesn't seem like a terribly good idea. And the remote control feature seems just plain stupid --- why would you need a remote control to wash your bum? It's not as if you're going to stand across the room when you use this thing...

Last thing: I found a much better price (over $150 cheaper) and free shipping for this through FaucetDepot. I ordered on a Sunday night and it was here by Wednesday noon, packaged carefully and just as described. Installation is a snap. However, I did end up having to buy a new toilet pump because I overtightened a connection and ended up stripping the thread on the connector pipe. Do make you sure you have plumber's tape on hand to ensure a tight connection.

In sum, of all of the electronic gadgets in our house (and I'm a terrible gadget geek), this is by far the most beloved.

Update one year later: Just checked the price at Faucet Depot and it's no longer available..but the main point is to just shop around. If you can find it for under $400, then you've got yourself a really good deal.

As for customer satisfaction over a year out, my wife and I have done a great deal of traveling recently, and usually after 2 or 3 days on the road, we start commenting to each other how much we can't wait to get back to "civilization" (i.e., our Toto C100). I miss the spray, my wife misses the seat warming function (especially now that it's getting cold here in the northeast). At this point, I would probably give up everything else in the house before I gave up the C100.

We have actually moved twice since I originally wrote the review...the first place we moved did not have a toilet tank necessary for installing this, so we knew it was not a place we could stay long term. We are now in a new place with a proper tank and the C100 properly installed and life is good. Wow. I can't believe a fancy toilet seat has become a critical factor in our choice of where to live, but once you get one, you'll understand.

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