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SmarterFresh SF-HHPB110 Hand Held Sprayer with Portable Bidet from SmarterFresh at the BidetToiletSeatShop.com

SmarterFresh SF-HHPB110 Hand Held Sprayer with Portable Bidet by SmarterFresh

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Introducing: SmarterFresh SF-HHPB110 Hand Held Sprayer with Portable Bidet by SmarterFresh

We are proud to offer the brilliant SmarterFresh SF-HHPB110 Hand Held Sprayer with Portable Bidet.

With so many on offer these days, it is great to have a name you can recognise. The SmarterFresh SF-HHPB110 Hand Held Sprayer with Portable Bidet is certainly that and will be a superb buy.

For this price, the SmarterFresh SF-HHPB110 Hand Held Sprayer with Portable Bidet comes widely recommended and is a popular choice for many people. SmarterFresh have provided some nice touches and this means good value for money.

Manufacturer Description

Our new combination pack includes the marterfresh hand held bidet along with our smarter fresh portable travel bidet. Providing both items offers you complete personal hygiene coverage no matter where you are. The hand held bidet is a low-cost way to achieve freshness like never before with a simple addition to your existing plumbing to create a stylish toilet bidet combo no plumber or handyman necessary. This bathroom bidet has everything you'll need for a complete 10 minute toilet with bidet installation to create a useful bidet toilet for years to come. It can also act as a cloth diaper sprayer, shatter or toilet sprayer for rinsing & cleaning. The smarter fresh handheld bidet offers up a low gentle soft spray bidet or high jet spray bidet for varying purposes and personal tastes. The portable travel bidet is a 650 ml bidet bottle providing fresh and natural cleansing power when you need it the most. The smarter fresh travel bidet is bigger than the rest of the available personal bidets without feeling bulky, yet small enough to discreetly tuck away or fit in a purse or bag. Coming in an ideal 650 ml size, the bottle bidet weighs 25 Oz's when full & only 4 Oz's when empty. The home bidet capacity eliminates the need to refill halfway through cleaning, an often less than desirable issue faced with smaller water bidet bottles. Additionally, the surplus water capacity allows for a "re-do" if the water is initially aimed incorrectly. You'll find the bathroom bidet offers a wider spray and precise aim, courtesy of the 7.5 inch curved nozzle to easily reach desired areas. The simple bidet is easy to fill with a water temperature suitable for you, and offers reduced leaking and spilling to avoid unintentional water release. The powerful, durable and high-grade bidet bottle dries quickly and packs away effortlessly in a discreet carrying bag that can be tucked away into your personal belongings. All components come with a standard 1 year warranty.

Product Features

  • Hand held bidet sprayer & portable travel bidet combination has you covered for home & travel
  • Hand bidet sprayer provides easy & efficient way to get fresh w/gentle rise or jet spray
  • Getting clean is convenient and frustration free without leaks or sprayer problems, easy hand bidet
  • 650 ml portable bidet has large water capacity w/o being bulky, weighing 25 Oz's full, 4 Oz's empty
  • Small enough to discreetly fit in belongings or purse w/included carrying bag