Luxe Bidet EB-800. Elongated. White. Luxury Electric Bidet (EB800) from Luxe Reviews

Absolutely Wonderful!

Monika from Central California - 5 out of 5.

This bidet is a treat! We liked it so much that we have ordered 3 EB-800 models so far.
It has soft-closing seat, seat sensor that heats the water and seat itself according to your setting. We gave one as a gift to our son, but it was more a gift to ourselves, because we visit him so often, we did not want to be without this bidet. :)
It has two nozzles that you can move back and fourth at your will with a press of a button, or you can have them move by themselves. Dryer fan has adjustable air temperature. It has all the features one could ask for. Some more expensive bidets come with a remote control but we prefer the controls on the side of the toilet, like in this model. The built quality is solid and the unit looks good attached to the toilet. We recommend this bidet to everyone.

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