KOHLER K-4709-96 C3-200 Elongated Bidet Toilet Seat with In-Line Heater and Remote Controls, Biscuit from KOHLER Reviews

Avoid at all costs

T. J. Lepore from Long Island, NY USA - 1 out of 5.

Bought this product for Christmas 2008. Within a few weeks the water pump stopped pumping water, only air. Cleaned the filter and all other recommended troubleshooting efforts, no luck. Called Kohler. Turns out they white label it from a third party, and take no responsibility for it despite the Kohler name all over it. The third party has terrible hours / is not very helpful. We shipped it back to them; it returned a week later with no note/explanation. Reinstalled it - no change. Phone calls again. Shipped again. Repeat of the previous experience. Third round: they sent us a new one. It lasted about a month until the pump stopped working. We are at a total loss here, very unhappy with Kohler and the whole experience.

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It works (but not miracles)

nonegiven12 - 3 out of 5.

A few things: I purchased this from Amazon.com because of their return policy, and my local Kohler dealer did not accept returns on this item. I really needed to give this a test run before knowing if it would work for me. You do need a GFI installed behind the toilet to use this product.

Why did I buy this? I have a thing about germs. And so I wanted to be cleaner and I was hoping that this product could possibly eliminate the need to use ones hands to be clean (that turns out not to be possible).

I was first very disappointed with this product because my expectations were very high. Although it is elongated, much of the seat is taken up by the tank which means that if you are used to an elongated seat this will feel very small.

Second, I had a heck of a time getting clean with this. It seemed as if the water was hitting actually near my tail bone and nowhere near where it needed to hit in order to work. As a male, I was squished in the front of the seat, especially feeling as if I needed to sit farther forward in order to get the water action to work in the right spot. Through trial and error I resorted to some acrobatics that would be too hard to describe here in a tasteful way. Ultimately I found that with the wand in the farthest out position and leaning forward on the seat as if you are skiing down hill it hits in the right spot for me.

Third, the drier will not get you dry unless you sit there for hours. It may help to minimize dripping when you stand to dry yourself with toilet paper however. Which brings up another point. If you typically reach behind while sitting to clean with toilet paper you will most likely have to stand with this toilet. There is simply not enough room to reach your hand behind yourself as your posterior will likely occupy the entire seat. The dripping can be gross so be sure to have toilet paper ready to wipe off your leg.

Fourth, as my title suggests, this toilet does not work miracles. Depending on the level of soiling, you may need to use the jets, then toilet paper, then the jets again, and toilet paper again to check and maybe even the jets again. It really depends on what has passed.

Having said all that, you WILL get cleaner than if you didn't have the jets at your disposal. On the whole, this product is worthwhile to me, but this product could definitely be better.

It could be improved by making the seat higher off the toilet to allow the jets to be farther away from you and thus have better aim and not become diffused. It could allow for the wands to extend further and shoot more straight up rather than toward the front of the bowl. And they really need a way to make this a truly extended seat with more room.

This product is the right idea, the right direction, and it does help, and I did decide to keep it, but it could be better.

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Kohler Bidet

NN from California - 4 out of 5.

Product functions very well and it is as it represents itself. The only negative may be that the seat is a little smaller than a full size elongated seat and tends to "squeeze" your seat. It is comparable to the Toto in function and it is a reasonable price through Amazon. I like the easy to understand remote control and the fact that it is detached from the seat keeps it nice and clean.

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