Coco Bidet 6035r Elongated Electronic Toilet Seat Remote Control Heated Seat Air Dry Deodorizer by Bio Life Technologies LLC Reviews

Coco Bidet Toilet Seat

Tony Wheeler from East Tennessee - 5 out of 5.

I just received this Bidet and installed it over the weekend. Installation was a snap- straightforward and all needed components were included in the box. Set-up was fine and the unit works perfectly. This Bidet operates exactly like the units I experienced in Asia. The remote works nicely and has clear, understandable controls. That is good since this unit has a lot of features. I can control seat temp, water temp, nozzle positions, and water force.

I chose this unit over others for price/value. It has the drying feature and deoderizer for less money than other units without these features. I like the damped seat and lid. Just give them a nudge and they close slowly and quietly by themselves. The unit operates quietly- both the deoderizer fan and the jets.

I am very happy with this product. After experiencing these Bidets in Asia over the years I am very glad to have one of my own at home now.

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