Brondell Swash 600 Luxury Toilet Seat Elongated, White #S600-EW from Brondell Reviews

A great product

MWW from California USA - 5 out of 5.

Our eldest daughter has disabilities and this Bidet is the best she has ever used. Simple to install. Excellent quality. Worth the extra dollars over other units

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How did I live before the Swash 600

SassCMom from Cinci OH - 5 out of 5.

I researched a lot of bidets, toilet seats, and thought the Swash 600 had the most features for the price. My daughter easily installed it, and we had it working in the hour. We really liked the remote, and I cannot believe I have lived this long WITHOUT one: A warm seat to sit on, warm water to wash off, and warm air to dry off. Ecologically correct, because I no longer send toilet paper or wipes into our drinking water supply. Even though I was very careful to measure my toilet, the tank, the distance to the electical outlet, and the distance between the bolts holding it on, the cord was barely long enough(it comes out the right side, and my plug was on the left). I am very pleased with using the Swash 600.

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splashy wonderfulness!

John Blue from California, USA - 5 out of 5.

What can one say about a toilet seat? It was easy to install--taking me less than 45-minutes. Of course, we planned ahead and had an electrical outlet installed behind the toilet during a bathroom remodel. We have an elongated Kohler and the Swash seemed to be the only seat bidet that would fit.

It has performed perfectly since installing it a few months ago. It comes with detailed instructions for use, but the average person could just look at the keypad and figure it out in a minute or less. It seems odd to use at first but everyone seems to like it now.

I was hesitant to shell out the $500 for this but am happy I did.

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Three Years and Still Swashing!

S. Stephenson from North Stonington, CT United States - 5 out of 5.

We've had a Swash 600 installed in our Master Bath for 3 years now, and it is still working flawlessly. We love it.

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Love the Swash

Kevin Wiggen from San Francisco, CA USA - 5 out of 5.

I have had my Swash for over a year now. Not only do I personally love the product, it works great at parties. I always ask "Did you use the buttons" to new people who use my restroom. I often get responses that people were "scared" but once they use it I have heard "That was like a Spa Experience" and EVERYONE wants to know how to get one.

The biggest issue I have is with the plug. I rent so I did not want to install a new plug near the toilet. I have a extension cord (its white and fits in), but when I move I assume I will have the carpenter install a plug for my device.

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JTP - 4 out of 5.

Overall this is a fine product. It works well and the setup was easy. There are two small issues: 1)There is one detection mechanism (which allows the seat to function; it is triggered by weight). It is under the left leg. You must adjust the seat so it is in contact or the seat won't work. 2) There is no "battery is low" indicator on the remote. When the battery is out the seat will not function.
These were two problems I encountered on set up. It was frustrating, but once I figured them out the seat has worked flawlessly.

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Once you Swash you'll never go back

S. Epstein from Denver, CO - 5 out of 5.

The Swash is positively addicting. It was a cinch to install and works like a charm. We now have three of them in our house, in all three bathrooms. The kids, especially, love it. Everyone in my family agrees that this is the civilized way to do one's business.

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A Refreshing Experience

N. Furdock from New York - 4 out of 5.

My entire experience with Brondell and the Swash 600 was overall quite satisfactory, with some aspects that I would rate as excellent.

I researched every seat bidet I could find on the net, and Brondell seemed to have the best features and benefits to suit my needs.

The item arrived in a timely manner. It was well packaged, with no damage to the contents.

My husband installed it about a week after it arrived. It took him under an hour to install (even though, bless him, he's no plumber!) and he said the instructions were easy to understand and simple to implement.

Before we even had a chance to install the unit, the President of Brondell sent me an email asking me how the installation went, how I liked the Swash, etc. This type of dedication to customer satisfaction is exactly what I look for in a company from which I purchase goods, and it's exactly what is missing from the majority of companies these days. Kudos to you, Mr. Van Huysse!

I have used the unit numerous times since I purchased it a few weeks ago. I now actually avoid using the downstairs bath because I only have a Swash in the upstairs bath. Before even reading the instructions, I was able to use the unit with the easy-to-read remote. The only thing I couldn't figure out was the alarm and the clock which, after reading the simple instructions, was a breeze to work. (The alarm, by the way, although useful for the elderly or disabled, honestly made me laugh when I tried it... sounds like an ambulance or police car!).

Comments on Overall Operation and Features


- Easy to use
- VERY refreshing cleansing. Only need toilet paper for drying. A much more "civilized" way of cleaning up after evacuation.
- Nice gentle wash. Two wands--front and back cleansing--do a great job.
- Owner is in complete control of water temp, flow intensity, and when to shut off. Also has auto shutoff upon rising from seat to prevent accidents.
- Self-cleaning wands rinse before and after use.
- It has a heated seat which, although I don't feel I need it, some people may appreciate the option.


- Round seat is a bit small and the design takes some getting used to, as the seat rises up in the back. That said, there is ample room to, pardon the expression, "do your business" without incident.
- Blow dryer is a disappointment. It is not strong enough to get you dry, unless you sit there for 10 minutes or more. Although you will use less toilet paper with the Swash, you'll still need it to dry yourself.
- Price is prohibitive. Although I feel it is well worth the money for the cleanliness it provides, I'd like to see the price come down so more people can afford it.
- Contemporary design makes the seat very noticeable in a traditional bath.

In summary, I love my Swash! I believe there is room for improvement in some areas, but, overall, it is a well-designed product that I anticipate will give me years of satisfaction.

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Every Houshold Needs One

Kathryn J. Noel from NAPERVILLE, IL - 5 out of 5.

I have the swash 600 in our master bath. My husband and I use it everyday. I feel so clean and fresh after every use. Every household needs at least one swash. The best invention ever!! Once you try the Swash you will know exactly what I mean.

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