Brondell S800-RB Swash 800, Round, Biscuit from Brondell Reviews

Feature packed, easy to install, less expensive than others!

S. Lionel from NH USA - 5 out of 5.

During my travels to Japan in the last year, I was intrigued and delighted with the ubiquitous "Washlet" toilets there. Washlet is a trademark of Toto, but in Japan it is the term applied to these automated bidet seats and toilets, no matter who makes them. I loved the heated seats and the washing feature - in Japan, some toilets play music or even do medical diagnosis!

Back in the US, I wanted to buy one of these for my home, but ran into a big problem - the Toto Washlet seats won't fit my Kohler Rialto one-piece toilet. I gave up on the idea until I ran across a mention of the Brondell Swash line. The Swash is designed to fit "98% of US toilets", and indeed the fitment chart on Brondell's web site indicated that the Rialto was compatible. I bought the S800 and it was delivered a few days later.

The Swash S800 is indeed easy to install, with clear instructions. They even include a wrench that fits the connectors on the S800 as well as standard valve and flush valve connections. A sturdy bracket attaches securely to the toilet bowl and can be adjusted somewhat to accommodate slight variations in bowl size. The S800 comes in variants for round and elongated bowls - check the Brondell web site to see which is appropriate for you.

The only problem I had during installation was the very tight quarters under the Rialto tank where the water valve was. Adding the S800's T-connector was a bit tricky because of the limited space between the toilet and the wall, but I managed. The seat latches onto the bracket and a supplied hose connects the seat to the T-connector. A four-foot power cord also comes out the left side of the S800 - if you don't have a convenient GFCI-protected outlet nearby, you can use an extension cord. All in all, it took me less than an hour to install.

The S800 has more features than in more expensive Toto models. There are two water wands, one for "rear" action for both men and women, and one for "front" action for women. The remote control console mounts on a nearby wall - I used foam tape to mount the bracket on tile, but screws are also provided. The remote communicates with the S800 by infrared and it doesn't require a direct line of sight to work.

There are many adjustments you can make: water temperature and pressure, seat temperature, dryer (!) temperature and even a pulsing water action can be selected. There are separate "for him" and "for her" buttons on the remote, which remember the last settings for each. Two buttons on the side of the seat will activate many of the functions if the remote is not working.

There's also a nightlight feature which comes on in the dark - the four support pads under the seat have embedded blue LEDs which, when the seat is raised, illuminate the bowl - probably popular in households where the men tend to "miss". I find them too bright so I left this off. There is also a bright blue power LED on the seat tank, plus LEDs for the Power Save feature (more in a moment), seat warmer and seat sensor. This last comes on when someone sits on the seat, and unlike most of the models I used in Japan, it uses a skin sensor embedded in the seat rather than just weight, so you can sit on the lid without activating things.

I haven't fully figured out the Power Save feature. You program the remote for a start and stop time when it will enable and disable Power Save. I think this only controls the seat warmer and that the water heater activates only when you sit on the seat. The water starts warm and gets up to full temp quite quickly. Lastly, the lid has a "soft close" feature.

I'm very happy with the Brondell Swash S800. It's a better value compared to the competition, is easy to install, fits most toilets and is full of useful features. Highly recommended.

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Best investment ever

Jon Voss from San francisco - 5 out of 5.

It seems like a lot of money for a toilet seat, and it is, but I have to say that this is one of the best investments I've made. With the seat warmer, energy saver feature, blow dryer, and lcd readout remotes, I think this is Brondell's top of the line model. It has most if not all of the features of the more expensive Japanese brands. My friends laugh at me, but all I can say is, don't knock it 'til you've tried it!

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