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Reviews of Brondell S800-ew Swash 800 Elongated White by Brondell

Brondell S800-ew Swash 800 Elongated White by Brondell Reviews

Great product!

J. Evangelista from Daly CIty, CA - 5 out of 5.

Great product. Works great. It uses 4 AA batteries so u dont need an outlet near the seat. Water pressure is adjustable. It is very easy to install. I was so happy I got another one for our other bathroom. I have them about 2 months and never changed batteries yet.

BTW, I used to have a bidet that is installed under your existing seat but the problem is the seat won't sit flat on the bowl once this cheaper bidet's are installed. This one looks and works much better. Our guests also love this item. It's a lot cheaper than other electronic bidets.

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Its a keeper, but...

Work of Life from Miami, Florida USA - 3 out of 5.

We've had our swash for about a month now. Unlike other reviewers, I have not had a life changing experience with this bidet. However, we plan to keep it.

We like:
-It is an improvement in comfort and hygiene compared to the alternative dry toilet paper method.
-It is useful for people with limited mobility or recovering from colorectal surgery.
-Quality and features are comparable to much more expensive Japanese bidets.
-The remote makes it very easy to choose the functions you want and is very easy to understand.
-Good customer service at Swash.

We don't like:
-The rear sprayer does not hit the rectal area unless you scoot waaay back on the toilet seat, which "crowds the cheeks" and is not a comfortable position for #2. This has been consistent feedback from guests of all shapes and sizes. As a result, it is little more than an upper crack spritzer and it rarely gets used. The spray from this nozzle is fairly sharp and narrow compared to the other. Even at its lowest setting, it is too harsh for sensitive or damaged rectal tissues.
-The front sprayer has a different nozzle that produces a gentle spray and is designed to clean a woman's vaginal area, but it aims almost perfectly for the rectal area (some scooting back is still required). Because the spray produced by this spray head is gentle, it does not always clean the rectal area as well as we would like.
-Both sprayers aim from slightly off center and create an uneven cleansing sensation. Some wiggleing around is required to ensure thorough coverage.
-The dryer has an auto off feature that is triggered by a weight sensor. It is a cool feature that turns off the dryer when you get up. However, it is also triggered if you "shift" or lift slightly to pat yourself dry with tissue. This is a bit of a pain and I often have to turn the dryer on twice. The dryer is more of a finisher, drying with paper is still required.
-The water heater is supposed to produce three different temps of "continuous" warm water, but we have found it to be inconsistent at best. It shoots you with a quick blast of warm water then cools very quickly. Never-the-less, we have found that we like the lowest heat setting the best and we don't mind the cool "chaser".
-We purchased our unit through Costco because it was less expensive and they have a better return policy. It also came with a free water filter. The water filter will keep sediment out of your swash, helping to keep it running smoothly. However, our filter was not assembled correctly (wasn't glued together) and it exploded when we ran water through it (see pic). Swash graciously sent us two replacements that were glued properly.

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What a find!

S. Zippay from Tempe, AZ - 5 out of 5.

"After having an emergency intestinal surgery 4 yrs. ago, I frequent the 'throne' quite often (5-10 times a day) and this seat has almost eliminated the resulting hatred of the toilet. Before I purchased the seat I was skeptical about the functions of the seat (does it really work?). It works great! It feels wonderful to be refreshed after using it. The heated seat alone is fabulous and when quests use it I just wait for the exclamation. I was also skeptical about the construction of the seat and electronics but was surprised when I opened the box and installed it. Even though it is made of plastic, it is sturdy, well designed, and manufactured with quality. I didn't think I needed all the functions of the '800' model vs. the less expensive one but I found out that I can't live without all the functions, even the blue night light makes the commode look fresh and clean. Installation was a snap, about 30 min. from opening the box. Had to use a grounded extension cord until I could install a GFI receptacle near the toilet. I enjoy this seat/bidet so much that I bring a cup of coffee with me when I go into the bathroom. I have been using the Swash for 3 months, and will get another one for the other bathroom."

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The Experience of No Return - with a one year UPDATE & recent Brondell Customer Service report [07/2010]

John S. Rice from Weddington, NC United States - 5 out of 5.

My wife and I became acquainted with this type of product in 2005 while in Japan. I found the heated seat really nice, however... I was not willing to try the bidet functions at that time - seemed a bit much for me. This all changed on during a visit to our son and wife's home in Japan in 2009. While my first experience was a bit "unsettling", the more I had occasion to use it, the more I liked it. I was "sold" on the concept - no turning back! We did extensive research on several brands, but we settled on the Brondell S800-EW. WE LOVE IT!! Completely exceeded, all expectations. Easy to install. Really, really does the "job". Very clean, pleasant, sanitary for a not-much-spoken-of daily task. Very well made and stylish. Three year warranty on this model.

One year later (06/18/2010)... Love it even more! This is a well made product and continues to please.

Brondell Customer Service ... Recently (07/2010) had need to contact their customer service and found them exceptionally helpful and the minor problem taken care of very promptly.

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From OOOO to OOO La La

Ellen from Virginia, USA - 5 out of 5.

Americans haven't the foggist notion what to think of a bidet and some may even look at it and imagine its pleasures untold. But truth be told the Brondell is a most wonderful device. When I first got mine I gave it the ol' American once over and used it several times. Most recently I have used it much more and can only rave about the feeling of cleanliness it leaves you with. Mine has a warm air dryer that I believe a bit superfluous (as you really can t sit there long enough to get totally dry); however I love the warm water wash, the remote and the warm seat that on a cold winter morning almost makes you want to stay for coffee. They are a bit pricey but you'll love it. Maybe start with the bare bones model with warm seat and warm wash. You may just want a second for that guest bath...a sure conversation starter. Installation was simple, I did it myself in 1/2 an hour.

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