BB-300 Universal Warm Water With Built-In Heater Bidet by BioBidet Reviews

Much improved

George - 5 out of 5.

I researched this bidet before buying. I noticed the comments for it from 2-3 years ago were very negative, but the recent comments were positive. I figured the manufacturer fixed the problems and that's why people rated it well. I was right! The bidet performs well and is definitely worth the price. This one replaced a $500 Hundai bidet whose seat broke one month after going out of warranty. This bidet uses the normal seat, has fewer moving parts and is much simpler to maintain and clean. It does not have the supersoaker high-pressure jet blast that more expensive bidets have, but it does the job, and does it well.

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Great piece of essential equipment, and easy to fit.

Computer Geek from USA - 5 out of 5.

I have had one of these for over 5 years, and its been packed up twice for moving and when unpacked for use again never failed. This is an amazing device with which I find living without unacceptable and considering another two for my bathrooms. If you don't have a basin in your toilet area then this is the right appliance but need a electric outlet or long reaching plug. Why no electric in toilet areas is amazing for today's safe building codes, but that's another soap box grip.
If you really care about being really 'clean' and hate the old fashioned idea of dry paper etc, then this is perfect. One thing I did have trouble with is the connections after having 'lost' the originals. Its a double female dishwasher pipe and if male and female will need a converter to fit over the std 3 way toilet connection.
Real bummer that its so hard to find two female connections on a dishwasher type pipe but its not the unit at fault. In the end we found connections in "True Value' hardware stores and HomeDepot that worked. Cost was about $19.
Hey this is the 21st century isn't is about time bidets connected directly to the std toilet bowl be standard fare in new homes nowadays? Who doesn't like feeling really clean in that area and if you suffer with any STD or Hemorrhoids you will not regret the investment.

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Michael S. Mcleod from WV - 5 out of 5.

It was easy to install and works just as described. Not many things do this today, but this did!

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